Monday, 30 June 2014

No Time!

This month I've actually done several challenges but things have conspired against me when it came to photographing them and now I'm out of time. Oh well, I have this one for WW1.

I really should do a swatch book of my mist colours, some of them are quite different from the label, hence it looks a bit pink or orange in places.

In other news........ we got a kitty :-)
Meet Tyko, pictured here with our youngest, Eddy.
He is a sweet and affectionate puss with occasional bouts of hyperactivity, fun!

Thanks for coming by


  1. I just love your page! Thanks for joining us at WW1. Oh and your new addition is gorgeous!

  2. Great layout! I love the grungy look of it!

  3. Love Love Love this. Thanks for playing along with WW1


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