Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Stamping Play

A couple more layouts with a similar background. I love this effect.
What I did was spread out a whole lot of orange paint on my craft mat,
pressed a plastic mango tray liner into it, then placed that on top of my white cardstock and stood on it to get a good stamp. Three times :-)

And because it's school holidays, the weather has been stinking hot
and the kids are all tired, not much time has been managed in my art room
so these pages are quick and simple.

Ed bought this with pocket money and it's now his absolute favourite T.
(The narwhals have lightsaber horns).

And this one is for White With 1 - Tangerine,
using some fabulous Scrapmatts (cogs & word).

I have kept the plastic mango tray for more future play :-)
Thanks heaps for coming by


  1. Peg, I love these backgrounds! You simply used a fruit tray from the grocery store? PS: Nar Wars!! I love it!!

  2. Love this Peg! Great design and color play! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You just proved to me that you don't need expensive stamps to make a fabulous background! Having raised 3 boys...I know how busy they can keep what's my excuse? lol Great pages for their memory books!

  4. Very very cool background! Love the way the stamping turned out! Great pages too! Thanks for joining us at WW1.

  5. So really Peg you're starting a new scrapping trend .. stomp scrapping!!! Love how you think soooooo far outside the square! And as a result your LOs are fabulous!!!! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with next month's colour over at WW1!!! :)

  6. Think it is great how you have created such an awesome background for both pages using what you had, great recycling.

  7. Seriously amazing!!! My mangos don't get trays… just plastic bags… I guess that'll work! Lol! Love what you have done here Peg!!

  8. Great idea for stamping !! And it looks fantastic. Thanks for playing along with STB's

  9. oh my gosh!
    thought at first that you had designed a stamp to replicate his shirt!! seriously! then I read how you created it. freaky!
    and bloody clever!
    love it Peg!
    thanks for playing along with WW1 :-)

  10. oooh so very cool Peg I just adore the black space in the WW1 layout and my oh my your backgrounds are stunning!!!! Thanks so much for joining us at WW1 this month goodluck! Blessings xx

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  12. What a cool background Peg! love the contrasts in colour and nice story to scrap! Thanks for playing along with STB’s

  13. Love them both. Your backgrounds are always amazing. Thanks for playing along at Scrap the Boys.

  14. OK loveeee these both stunning background you need to share how you did it.... (running behind for Jan) but its such a treat to see beautiful layouts) thanks for playing along with WW1 and Scrap the Boys

  15. yeah Peg , who tf needs a Jelly Plate ..Rocking the work babe xx


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