Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Favourite Photo!

I went out after dark last night for the first time in a long time. To the UNE Bistro in Armidale to see my besties DS play with his band 'Watussi'. I knew they were good, I had heard a little online and was aware that they were on their way to Brisbane to back up Santana! I love the rhythms in Columbian music and there is something so sexy about singing in Spanish, I probably well needed a good dance, and I was hanging to take some gig-pix, it's been decades!
The venue was dead when us oldies arrived, way too early, at 9.30pm. The back-up band still had an hour before going on and Watussi would be on an hour after that. In the break I moved up to a good spot at the front of the mosh-pit. I was in heaven amid the swinging bodies and arms, swaying plastic mugs of piss, pushing and shoving excitement of youth in celebration of music, sex, alcohol and hormones. I had a camera for armour and surprisingly the kids respected it. A handful wanted me to take their photo, it was easier to say yes than try to explain that they would probably never see it. I uploaded a couple to the uni's FB page but it doesn't look a very frequented place.
So this is where my most recent favourite photo came from...... It was a great night, a night I am thankful for regardless of only having managed 4 1/2 hrs sleep followed by a long and busy day......


  1. AWESOME shot Peg! Ashan has taken lots of performance photography too... this is fantastic!!!

    You are next on Chat with Charms blog hop tonight...


    hope you can join in and find out the secret question!

    Love Charmane

  2. wow Peg, that is an awesome shot!!! sounds like a great night :)

  3. Great pic :D

    {{{CWC blog hopping}}}

  4. WOW Peg what a fantastic photo... LOVE IT!!!

  5. Peg thanks for your comment on my blog
    I love your work and adore your photography wow that is awesome
    looking forward to meeting you at CAMP MOJO


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