Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Simply the Best!

Weekend I've had in ages! There was a CC over at The Boxx with 7 challenges and I got to do them all and then some. The little boys arranged themselves to be out at friend's places on both saturday AND sunday so I only had to do a little housework, feed them breakfast and dinner, and SCRAP! Awesome :-D .... and it was!

So the CC was all about bling and sparkles, with a few feathers thrown in. I got out some things I hadn't played with in a very long time, I threaded beads (a big ask for me!) misted, painted, fussy-cut, and sewed both by hand and machine, oh, the fun!
So here are my pages....

Dontcha just LOVE scrapping!
Thanks for dropping by :-)


  1. look at you go!!!! fantastic Peg!!! bloody fantastic!! (maybe I shouldn't have switched over to the CC for only a few minutes - perhaps I should have stuck it out LOL!!)

  2. Yep, you go girl!!!
    Awesome layouts. You still amaze me how you can churn them out.
    I wish I could just scrap one layout at the moment.

  3. awesome work with all of these Peg.. as a boxx-aholic it was great to see so many new and old faces back for the challenges.. and hope to see more of your work at the boxx...

  4. You are an amazingly talented, inspirational lady and I feel honoured to call you my friend! Love it all!! I'm feeling very inspired now :-)


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