Saturday, 17 July 2010

Frosty routine

Gotta love early morning entertainment in the school holidays!
Every frosty morning (and we've had quite a few) gets these two boys out of the house right when they are starting to get rowdy. Off on a 'seek and destroy' mission. Find the sheets of ice before the other, hurl it in the air, watch it smash in a million tiny pieces on the cement.
This morning I was up in time to get hard evidence, I can feel some scrapping coming on .... :-)


  1. Sounds a bit like our place minus the frost.

    Hong Kong

    P.S. Found you!

  2. howdy.. followed you from the boxx.. lovin your work..
    cheers.. {and i probably will be stalking you abit}
    leanne j

    ps.. mine is
    feel free to visit whenever you like.

  3. gosh i love your camera Peg!! love you too! :-)


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