Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Hobart, Tasmania

A post about our holiday with a scrapbook page at the end. 

This is one of the reasons April disappeared so fast in our house.
Hubby and I took the two younger boys to Hobart for a week in the school holidays. Rather than drive around, this time we based ourselves in a cute terrace found on AirBnB, it was cosy and warm and had all mod cons (including a spa) and was an easy stroll to Elizabeth St Mall and the Waterfront

We splashed out and got tickets for the 'Posh Pit' on the ferry to MONA. Very nice with complementary bevvies (hot, cold, and alcoholic) and canapes.
I didn't manage to get in many photos but here we all are, feet at least.

And the boat...

This was the exhibit that impressed the most. Laser-cut steel, a life sized low loader rig with a cement mixer on the back.

There was a lot to see inside, a very interesting and eclectic mix of modern art to get you pondering, inside an amazing building, underground.
Dex found an old piano and treated us to 40 mins of his virtuosity, acquiring a bit of an audience and a round of applause at the end. All just practice to him.

We went on a wilderness 'cruise' to the Southern Ocean to see wildlife in its natural habitat, seals, albatross, and shags on rocks. This was awesome fun, we got to taste fresh-from-the-sea seaweed, quite good and nowhere near as salty as I expected, and wear head to toe raincoats to protect us from the wind and spray when the boat was a rocket.

We took a bus to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, this was Eddy's activity pick, he wanted to see some devils. We got up close and personal with a wombat, a devil, a koala, some native birds, and lots of roos!

and then on to historic Richmond.

On the weekend we wandered around Salamanca Market 

and caught up with my wonderful scrappy friend Sharmaine when she picked us up and took us home to enjoy a delicious lunch with her lovely family.

The boys and I had a marvellous time. Not quite sure about Phil, he seemed to lose his happy half way through and didn't find it again until we got to the airport to come home. It's not the first time and it inspired me to scrap this page when I went to retreat (also in April).

I see separate holidays in our future, it's a good thing.

Thanks so much for coming by


  1. Well I loved catching up with you again Miss Peg. Glad you don't let "down" stop you from doing.

  2. Shame he lost his happy. Short, sharp trips for him in the future perhaps.
    I'm off to Hobart for 5 days next week not a holiday, to perform with my Chorus. I enjoyed reading this post.


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