Friday, 28 February 2014

Page Drafts

There were 5 gorgeous sketches at Page Drafts for February
and I had scrapped 2 before I realised they were
supposed to be about something I love.
So.... I had to do a third...

I really love that my husband has a big shed full of tools
and that he allows my boys free reign to explore and build.
I love that they would rather do this than
sit in front of a screen all day like some of the other kids we know.
This warms my heart and gives me confidence that they will grow into
capable, well-rounded men full of heart (and skills).

My page is based on this sketch

Thanks for coming by


  1. Wow fantastic page Page, I love that your boys have access to that fabulous shed, such lucky kids. Would love to see your other pages using the templates from the Valentines release too. I have grabbed this page and will add it to the entry album shortly. Thanks again for joining in!x


Thanks so much for your comments, not only do they make me really happy, but they also give me the opportunity to come and say hello and see what you are doing in blogland. I like that!