Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Happy Yuletide, let's celebrate the Solstice or anything else that you're into!

The festive season is not so festive for me. I try for the sake of my kids,
but really it is a time that generally finds me harangued by the black dog.
We do the tree, the big feed, crafts and baking sometimes. But 
Santa is not our thing since our youngest decided he isn't real last year,
and religion just doesn't fit with us.

My history is full of memorable Christmasses for all the wrong reasons.
Coming from a poor, single-parent family as a child, trees falling over, no gifts or ones that you don't want. No batteries, toys broken from getting them out of the packaging, things that simply don't work, frustration and anger. Family that don't 'get' you and aren't open to the possibility that you can be your own person and not impinge on their lives. Blame, guilt, anger, lack of appreciation, denial, alienation, and absenteeism, it's all there. Along with history, memories, right or wrong, of misdeeds and abuses that refuse to be forgiven or forgotten.
It all ends in a 'not-so-festive' season for me and I am glad right now that it is Christmas night, I have a Jameson's nightcap, everyone is in bed and it is all over for another year.

On the upside I love my hubby and kids. They are the breath of me. They are what keeps me grounded and they give me the will to keep going. They support me and love me and they are my 'reason for the season'. Each one of them is unique in personality and talents, each one of them feeds my soul in completely different ways and I am so utterly grateful for their presence in my life.

This page is an artistic representation of the joy my kids bring to my life.
Inspired by the December challenge over at Kraft It Up.

Aren't they gorgeous kids!

I do hope that your Christmas was joyous,
spent with people you love and who love you.
And I wish that you all have an amazing year ahead,
full of friendship, laughter, prosperity, and happiness.

Thank you all so much for visiting me through 2013!
Yours in scrappiness


  1. Love Love this Peg great design and background.

  2. oh Peg this is heavenly .... so wonderful and I love that you speak about your life experience ... I can relate to some of what you say ... the abuse is something I find difficult to forget, I forgive but remember how horrific it was, bruises and bleeding from the beatings ... I, like you, have made Christmas special for my children and my now my grandies ..
    take care sweet friend and may 2014 bring you lots of unexpected joy and happiness ... hugz from me x

  3. Oh Peg this is just fabulous! Love the touch of blue!

  4. A great layout, love the gold effect!

  5. Wow I love this! Stunning!!! Happy New Year!!! :D

  6. Wowee!! This is SUCH a STUNNING page Peg! Thanks for joining in on the fun in this busy month!

  7. Peg, what a gorgeous page. Thank you for sharing a bit about you and your feelings on Christmas. I can relate too to not feeling so festive at Christmas. It is a hard time of year. Much love to you xo


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