Thursday, 2 May 2013

Switching to bloglovin, and liking it!

So I'm hearing that the little doohickey on my sidebar
with all your beautiful faces on it is going to disappear :-(
For this reason I have signed up with Bloglovin, there's a link 
over there on the right if you want to follow me there.

Must say, I now get a gorgeous summary of all the new posts
on my fave blogs in my daily email. I like that!
So I'm hoping most of you scrappy peeps will come on over
so I can keep tabs on what y'all are up too.


  1. Mnyeah! I've switched but I'm in two minds about it. (Actually, more of one mind than the other!)

  2. Hi Peg - great to meet you today at Dina Wakely's wonderful class. I loved what you made which is not surprising because you do such wonderful work..... I'm following you now (your blog that is) so I will be able to keep up to date with all your great works.

  3. I'm trying out blogling too, and so far so good! I like the daily email update :)

  4. I am pretty sure you are there! I love the arty creations on the post before this one!! very creative!


Thanks so much for your comments, not only do they make me really happy, but they also give me the opportunity to come and say hello and see what you are doing in blogland. I like that!