Thursday, 11 April 2013

Glitz Prize and pages

I got a wonderful prize pack from Glitz last week and had a lovely time
with their new 'Color Me Happy' range, so bright and playful.
Here are a few of the pages I did and I am still working with the
abundance of product I received - Thank you Glitz!


  1. Wow Peg these are fabulous lo's! So upbeat and fun. So colorful! The first is my favorite!

  2. These are lovely, bright happy and fun! and love your work in SM this time too!

  3. Love all the happy colours Peg :) And I've been meaning to say sorry, I didn't intentionally snob you at Dina's class, I am awful with names and saw lots of familiar faces last Sunday and I think you walked past me on the way out... it wasn't till I got home I thought, d'oh! That was Peg! My apologies :) xxx


Thanks so much for your comments, not only do they make me really happy, but they also give me the opportunity to come and say hello and see what you are doing in blogland. I like that!