Monday, 25 October 2010

Where I scrap...

Just because the lovely Tiff over at TwiddleyBitz is having a little show & tell about scrap spaces (and a giveaway!) I thought I'd share.....
I am aware that I am very spoilt :-) I have a room above a 2 car garage at the front of DH's FBS (filthy big shed), it has a lock for keeping undesirables out, a second story view over our house and the bush block beyond, reverse cycle air, and waaaaay too much stash. Back in the days before the huge stash I could comfortably seat 6 spready scrappers and would love to again but for the mammoth task of cleaning up and finding a home for everything!
This is the view if I stand in front of the big triangular window, my misting/painting/embossing table. And below is the view of where I sit, like a pig in muck, surrounded by my stash. I like everything within reach so I frequently crowd myself out. I haven't shown the piles on the couch and other tables as just looks like a big mess.
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  1. WOW Peg you are one lucky lady to have your 'big" own space!
    Lots to look at and that means you have lots to scrap with!
    love it!

  2. Oh how I miss that shed? Could you still fit me in?
    Great photos!

  3. WOWser Peg this is a fantastic room.
    Love it....everything at your finger

  4. Of course I could fit you in Diane! I have enough room to clear off one 6' table so anytime... :-)

  5. Hahaha!! If I had that kind of space - it would look EXACTLY like that! You and I are the same kind of scrappers, ahahha!

    I'm jealous of the beautiful natural light you get in there!

  6. OMG, think I'll just pick my mouth up off the floor right now, what an awesome space, it'sno wonder you churn out stuff of such AMAZEMENT on such a consistent basis, thanks for sharing hon, I am now INSPIRED to say the very least.

  7. wow Peg i am green with envy
    I agree Tiff no wonder you churn outamazing sstuff!!!!


  8. I'm only small. I could fit somewhere!! LOL
    I love your space Peg xoxo

  9. oh be still my beating heart can this be real and please lord let me have one. i'll be a good girl i promise. hehehehe

  10. Oh Peg! I have a cavity in our roof too that used to be my scrap space. When my little one was born I felt it was too far away...but one day I have great plans for that room too..Thanks so much for uploading this link to my blog! Good luck!

  11. Peg ..your place looks like heaven...and it also looks like it is well used and enjoyed....thanks for sharing.


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