Monday, 12 October 2009

Had time to play :-)

I'm struggling with an obscenely overcrowded desk so my recent pages are mostly created from what is at hand, stuff half-used but too significant to bin. They don't usually match and sometimes the whole act of putting them together leads to a very slap-dash job. But the stories are being told, they are in the albums, and I don't really have to love the look of them, they are meaningful for the family. It is also quite cathartic to create copious amounts just for the act of doing it, it helps me to stay in the zone and means that things improve and I end up doing some stuff which I love.

So here are a few ho-hum pages (inspired by challenge blogs) of which I'm not too fond.....

At Scrapping Word Pictures
and BASBand Ad This, this is from the sept. 28 challenge, I can't ever seem to get them in on time


  1. What! I read your line not too fond and thought I would see as you described, but not true. Every single one of your layouts here is awesome. Yep...awesome. The one for the BASB challenge cracked me up. Not only an excellent design, but love the humor. Thank you so much for joining in on the BASB challenge.

  2. All your LO's are AMAZING!! :-)

  3. Coming over from BASB -there is nothing ho-hum about your layouts; love the work and the creativity..very original and inspiring. I guess we are our own worst critics!

  4. Peg your layouts are wonderful!

  5. congrats on a well deserved win from BASB!!


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