Wednesday, 26 August 2009

CPR - Tamworth

Had a great time and now ruminating, debriefing with myself. Shared a table with Diane, Meg, Julie, Pam, Tracey, and Rhonda, fabulous fun girls and had lots of laughs. Caught up with Jilly and Ngaire from Brissy and did all their classes (only had one little tanty trying to do a 4hr mini-album class in 2 hrs but Diane came to my rescue :-) Also met up with old buddies from last time I went, Bronnie and Pauline, both great value!
Below is my page done in Ngaire's layout class, has all the fun and funky elements, just shuffled around a bit to accommodate a landscape pic instead of portrait orientation. Must say I'm loving it, so not my usual style!
Huge thank-you to Deb for organising the weekend and making it so much fun!

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  1. Looks good Peg.... almost as good as your 20 minute page! LOL
    It was a good weekend away, good to catch up with you. :)


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