Sunday, 13 April 2008

YAY! I'm happy with my scrapping again

My buddy Diane put me on to this challenge blog and I decided to play along this month coz it was just so irresistible. I am totally in love with my page and it looks much better irl, the yellow is yellow, iykwim.

the colours in this one are much better irl too, I did this for Scrapdragons, the challenge was to use something unexpected and since I was making muffins with the kids yesterday it occurred to me that I could scrap muffin cup papers (don't know their official name :-) and I love how they turned out with a bit of ink and stamping.

the next 2 LOs are just for fun, although it seems easier to scrap to a brief most of the time, I think I need to remember to let go of the guidelines of challenges and just scrap for play and release sometimes. Some pictures and stories just don't fit into challenges..... but they need to be in my album nevertheless, so here they are....

don't forget to *wave* in the comments :-)


  1. Waving!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ruby layout. Now I have to go and rethink mine cos it is ordinary.
    So glad to see your happy scrapping back.

  2. WOW! I love what you did for the colorstory challenge!!! Your photo is amazing and the page you created matches it so well! Wonderful job!

  3. Hi Peg!! Your mojo must have been on hols with mine.Although I think mine has been relocated!

  4. Peg! Wow! is all i can say. i am still drooling at the lip. what a gorgeous layout! thanks for joining in our colorstory fun!

  5. Peg I don't know which one I love the best - they are all just incredible. You are a talented girl!

  6. Wow, your work is gorgeous! I really love your style!


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