Thursday, 16 August 2007

Aussie Dares

Well, I had to put a lot of thought into what 'fantasy' meant to me, DH is a dragon (in chinese horoscope), fairies..everyone would do that, my fantasy.... been pondering all of it for over a week....... so here's what I finally came up with. I used dimensional magic and glitter on a photograph of my shoes. And have been playing with a whole bunch of colours I would not normally use but got in a gorgeous prize pack from Fireside Crafts (thank-you!!)
tfl :-)


  1. Hi Peg.
    I LOVE your take on this dare! Great page

  2. Awesome page Peg and you've done wonders with the colours! Just gorgeous!

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL!! Love the picture and the colors are wonderful!!

  4. hello lovely peg! LOVED this layout when i saw it on the dares!
    hope you are well :)
    Lusi x


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